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July 19, 2008



So gorgeous! YOu are one talented lucky lady! Its so inviting and pretty. :) Great job


This is really wonderful! I like it so much. :-))


Ahhhhhhh... GORGEOUS scrap room, Rita!!! I just heart all the pink and green... and just look at all that SCHTUFF!!! Can I come over and play with you??!! ;)


Lovely room! I really like the soft color and the basket storage area :)


Beautiful room!!!! I love what you did with the baskets. I have an Expedit with bins but they're not labeled yet... I'm working on my room now as well, so I hope to have it completed by the end of summer. Thanks for sharing... Love your work :-) Hugs!

Deb Wisker

Great room Rita! Thanks for the peek!

Deb L

OMG - what a wonderful creative space :D


what a great space!!
why come out to cook or do laundry?

Sasha Farina

I wanna come and play and never leave that adorable space!!


awesome room! looks so comfy to sit and play.


HEY!! It's me! I'm in your favorite things picture! Muuuah Rita! Your space looks amazing. I saw your layouts at CHA and took some photos - I'm going to post them on blog blog later :) It's so fun to see Rita creations up close.


Love your space Rita!! So fun and organized, and well....you!! Thanks for sharing some picts :D


ok, i REALLy need to come over since i might be one of the few readers that does actually LIVe in the neighborhood!


RITA.... your room is A*M*A*Z*I*N*G!!!!

Pearl Maple

Gorgeous room full of happy color. The wreaths on the door are a lovely natural touch.


Gorgeous space!



oh, I absolutely loved your tour. you're such an excellent hostess =)
gorgeous colors.. and those baskets are too cute!
I am digging that shadow box with the pencils... did you make that? I'd love to know how? so perfect for a kids playroom!!!

Ami D

Please show a pic with the pencil shadow box. That looks awesome...as does the rest of your room!!!

Anilu Magloire

It's just as I had pictured it. Lovely and perfectly organized.
Beautiful, Rita!!!!


Oooohhhh....I've been waiting to see pics! It looks FABULOUS! WOW! I'm so jealous, I only have a closet and the dining room table! lol

Lisa Dickinson

it's just fab rita! how could you not be inspired with such a cool place to scrap?!?

melissa deakin

your room looks amazing, rita!
you must love working in it!

Anna Pontikis

Thanks for this post, you have inspired me to get my space organised. Yours looks great and thanks for sharing Donna's link also. I have been thinking lately how unproductive and non creative and uninspired I have been lately because my craft room is very disorganised at the moment, so stumbling on your post must be the sign I needed. Thanks Again Anna


what a great colorful spot rita...it's so YOU!!!

Cris Cunningham

What a great room! wow...I'm definitely going to be lifting a few of these ideas. I love the baskets with homemade tags, and your sweet sewing station. LOVE this room Rita!

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